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May 27, 2016

Sarah-Jean Gomez came to New Mexico Legal Aid in February, 2013 when she was sued for foreclosure of her Las Cruces home after a contentious divorce from her ex-husband.

For the next 3 years, NMLA represented her in court while she worked with a HUD-Certified Foreclosure Prevention Counselor at Tierra Del Sol Housing Corporation to apply for a loan modification so that she could get back on track making payments. MGC Mortgage denied her over and over again for failing to send in documents signed by her ex-husband, whose name was still on the loan but who refused to help with the application or sign the deed to transfer title, despite a court order. In 2014, the judge entered a foreclosure judgment, and the house was sold at auction although the family remained living there. The final hurdle in the case was when Sarah’s family had to pay off a tax lien on the property for income tax debt owed by her ex. Once the title was clear, NMLA worked with the NM Attorney General’s Office to get MGC to review her application one last time. This time, MGC approved them for an affordable loan modification and the family is now current on their mortgage payments.

This was an incredible team effort by the Keep Your Home New Mexico partnership and all the hard work paid off: this family’s home was saved!

Photo: Sarah’s family in front of their Las Cruces home with their housing counselor and the two attorneys that worked on their case. From left: Mari Kempton (NMLA Staff Attorney), Sarah’s daughter Adriana, grandson Javier (“Javi”), husband Rick, family dog Xena, homeowner Sarah, Tierra Del Sol Counselor Isabel Dominguez, and NMLA Staff Attorney Beatriz Ferreira.