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May 16, 2019
Las Vegas Homeowners Faced Foreclosure After Their Mortgage Company Lost a MoneyGram Payment

Sara and Valerie* are sisters who co-own their home in Las Vegas, NM. They are well-known in the community for their delicious New Mexican cooking and generosity in helping others. Together, they have fostered over 60 children and adopted 5.  

Photo: Sara and Valerie outside their Las Vegas home.

In late 2017, they were shocked when they were served with court papers that said their home was in foreclosure. They thought it must be some mistake, since they had been wiring the payments every month to the mortgage company by Moneygram. They later learned that Carrington claimed it had never received one of the payments, even after they produced confirmation from Moneygram that the money was transferred to Carrington. Carrington had then rejected their next four payments without notifying them. 

Photo: Sara and Valerie cook up some green chile burritos in their kitchen.

With the help of New Mexico Legal Aid, they filed counterclaims against Carrington based on the wrongful foreclosure. They recently settled their case and Carrington brought the loan current, dismissed the foreclosure, and paid the sisters' damages and attorneys' fees.

Valerie with her adopted son.

*Actual names were not used in this story for privacy.